Improving Your Organic Search Results Naturally

Too many people think they can game the search engines by taking part in certain tactics that get quick results, but over the long-haul wind up hurting your website ranking for much longer. If you are buying followers, paying for back links, or paying a service that promises page one ranking, you better be careful because any moment the search engine algorithms will detect something and devalue your website.

SEO SearchDon’t risk all your hard work trying to game the system, consider these simple organic search improvement techniques from Charleston SEO gurus at onQsites;

Keywords are the Name of the Game
For most website owners, researching keywords is about as boring as things can get. These folks would rather than drop one of the popular keywords on their site and hope for the best. The trouble is that these keywords have millions of results, and if you are on page two thousand of four million, you still are not getting seen. Take time to research your keywords like this, look for ones that have at least 1,000 global monthly searches but less than 10,000 as far as competition. This gives you a great chance to be seen by organic traffic.

Communicating with Search Engine Spiders
The easiest way to move up the search engine rankings is to provide the search engine spiders everything they need to identify your content. They can not read your content like a real visitor, so they need help identifying what pictures and videos are by way of meta fields. When you begin focusing on optimizing these meta fields, you give the search engine spiders a clear blueprint on how to index your content and where to place it on the search pages.

The Power of Social Media
Right now the search engines are giving huge authority to social media sites, so it only makes sense you post on those sites and place links back to your website. Each time that someone follows one of your social media posts to your website, the search engines see this activity and they give you favorable placement for the related search keywords. By the same token, there should be plenty of social media buttons on your pages so visitors can share your posts with their inner circle of family and friends.

The key to improving organic search standing is to not rush the process and utilize black hat techniques that will only get you in trouble down the road. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon that will begin to yield fruit in time.