How to Save Money Buying Your Boat

Yachts for SaleIf you are not aware yet, the boating lifestyle can be costly. Most boat owners complain about having to throw money in a hole once they buy a boat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you follow a few of these boat buying tips from, a leading boat for sale listing site, you care going to have plenty of cash on reserve to get your though the year.

Consider these boat money saving tips before you break out the checkbook and make that big purchase on impulse.

Check out Craigslist to see if there are any boats for sale within a 100 mile radius. These boat owners are ready to deal, so go with your best price and you could negotiate a deal several thousands less than you would have paid new.

When you’re negotiating with a seller, if you see the boat has many of the accessories you are going to need to buy down the road, try and negotiate a package deal. Perhaps you can get the seller to agree to throw in the trailer, fishing gear, safety vests, and other accessories for one low price.

Head over to Facebook and check out some of the boating groups. This is where you will have a number of boat enthusiasts talking everything boating including where to get the best deals. There might be a few members looking to get out of their boats and would be willing to sell cheaper to a local who can come pick it up immediately.

If you see that a local boat show is coming to your town, buy a ticket and head to the show. Many boat manufactures will be in hand and they will be trying to give away bigger deals than the next. If you are in a position to buy new that day, the rep could provide you a show special that is significantly less than any local dealer could have offered you at their dealership.

Don’t forget to buy some local papers and check the classified sections. These folks are paying top dollar to advertise, and this could be a sign they are extremely motivated to get out from under with their boat. If the price is right, you could score a big deal. Start low and see how far the seller is willing to meet your bottom line.

These boat buying tips should convince you that you could keep a huge chunk of change in your bank account and use it to make the most of your boating adventures over the years.